Everything You Need to Know About Volume Lashing

Everything You Need to Know About Volume Lashing

Volume lashing is currently the biggest trend in the eyelash extension industry, so if you work in the field, you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with it. Also referred to as “Russian volume lashing” (the practice originated in Russia and Ukraine), volume lashing first became popular in the United States in 2013. Since then, it has completely revolutionized the eyelash extension business, warranting a renewed discussion of what volume lashing is, why you should offer it, and what products and techniques you need to get started.

What Is Volume Lashing?

While classic eyelash extensions lengthen clients’ natural lashes, volume lashes give them a lighter, fluffier, and fuller look.

This is possible because volume lashes are much lighter than classic lashes. With the heavier classic lashes, which are generally 0.15 to 0.2 in thickness, lash extension artists are only able to apply one extension to each of the client’s natural lashes without damaging them. With a diameter of just 0.07, volume lashes weigh a lot less than classic lashes, meaning that artists can apply multiple extensions to each of the client’s natural lashes without compromising their integrity. This creates a fullness that was previously unattainable, hence volume lashing’s immediate and growing popularity.

So, if a client has naturally fine or scarce lashes, volume lashing is the perfect technique to fill out the gaps. It’s also great for anyone who just wants a more dramatic look!

Why Offer Volume Lashing?

As with any business, expanding the services you offer widens your customer base and gives you the opportunity to increase your earnings — especially since volume lashing comes with a higher service price than its classic alternative.

Considering volume lashing’s increasing popularity, many clients may take for granted that it is one of your offerings. If they find that no one on your staff is able to perform the service, they may assume that your options are outdated.

But most importantly, clients are crazy about volume lashes, and they love the way these extensions make them look and feel. Nothing’s more conducive than this kind of satisfaction to customer retention and your own feeling of accomplishment as a lash artist.

Volume Eyelash Extension Products

The volume lashing process looks different depending on whether you’re using individual volume eyelash extensions or pre-fanned volume lashes. At Âme Beauty Co., we offer both. Which method is best has been a controversial topic in the eyelash extension industry as of late, so we’d like to take this opportunity to explain each and clear up some misunderstandings.

Volume Lash Extension Tray

For those looking to use individual volume lashes, our volume lash extension tray is the perfect product. Each tray comes with 5,000 silky, natural-looking lash extensions in the curl (C, D, or D+) and length (8mm to 16mm) of your choice.

Individual volume lashes are also available in our pre-layered individual volume lash extension trays, which include multiple lengths of lashes side by side in each strip. This saves you time during the application process, since you don’t have to go from tray to tray to grab different extension lengths.

The benefit of using the individual lashes in either of these trays is that you can completely customize the extension fans according to your client’s wishes. If your client wants a more natural look, you can apply 3D fans (three lash extensions to each natural lash). If they want their lashes to be fuller and more dramatic, 6D fans may do the trick. To achieve anything in between, you need only adjust the number of extensions you apply to each lash.

That being said, applying individual volume lashes is a very advanced technique that’s time-consuming and difficult to master. Lash extension artists who take pride in individualizing each fan and owning their work will still choose this method, but only after they’ve received special training, put in the necessary practice, and earned their certifications.

For these ambitious estheticians, we offer an advanced eyelash extension course at Âme Beauty Co. Academy. Our volume eyelash extension training prepares artists already skilled in classic eyelash extensions to offer volume lashing as well, and has been shown to increase their service sales by as much as 30 percent. If this sounds ideal for you, check out our upcoming offerings or contact us to ask about hosting a course at your salon or spa.

Pre-Fanned Russian Volume Eyelash Tray

If you’d rather buy your volume lashes pre-fanned, our pre-fanned Russian volume eyelash tray, which comes in either a C curl or a D curl, is for you. Our most popular product, this tray consists of pre-made fans of between three and 10 lashes each, with length options ranging from 9mm to 15mm.

Because the work of creating the fans is already done, the application process is much quicker and simpler. In fact, using pre-fanned volume eyelash extensions can cut the application time in half! This also means that no advanced training is required, so estheticians already trained in classic lash extensions can start using pre-fanned volume extensions whenever their products arrive.

For exactly that reason, many estheticians trained in volume lashing have opposed pre-fanned lashes, feeling that their hard-earned expertise is being devalued.

One of the critiques launched at pre-fanned volume lash extensions claims that they’re too heavy for clients’ natural lashes and will cause them damage, but this isn’t always the case. Pre-made fans that are glued together — which most eyelash extension suppliers offer — do tend to be heavier, as the glue adds weight to the fan. At Âme Beauty Co., however, we heat-bond our volume lash extensions at the base instead of using glue, ensuring that our fans are extremely lightweight and perfectly safe for clients’ natural lashes.

The other problem some people have with pre-fanned lashes is that they aren’t as customizable as individual volume lashes. While this may have once been true, pre-fanned lashes now come in so many different fan size options that estheticians have as much freedom as they would like. What’s more, the center lashes in pre-made fans now tend to be slightly thicker than those on the outside, providing an even more voluminous look.

While it’s true that pre-fanned volume lash extensions can’t replace the expert training and precision that an experienced volume lash artist can offer, they are a great tool to have in your toolbox, for artists untrained in this technique and volume lashing experts alike. Even experienced volume lash artists have time crunches and bad fans days — and in those cases, our pre-fanned volume lash extensions can be a lifesaver. At the end of the day, having both individual volume lash extension trays and pre-fanned trays on hand is a good idea!

Ready to start volume lashing? Enroll in our volume eyelash extension training, order volume lash extension trays, or reach out with any questions.

  • Angela Bourgette-Green