Âme Beauty Co. Academy

W H Y    Â M E    B E A U T Y    CO.    A C A D E M Y ?

Âme Beauty Co. Academy has created an unmatched eyelash extensions training curriculum and learning experience. The most detailed and precise course work available today. Students are trained using Âme Beauty Co. products that are unparalleled in providing the best results.

We constantly update our methods, tools and approaches to ensure that our students are consistently the best in the business. Âme Beauty Co. founders and educators have years of experience in the industry and have perfected our tips and tricks.

Âme Beauty Co. Academy is made up of the pioneers in the lash industry in the Pacific Northwest. We have engulfed ourselves in the industry for over 10 years and have mastered all of the techniques available today as well as designing our own styles for success. Âme Beauty Co. methods are respected and are recognized worldwide.

Âme Beauty Co. Academy offers two eyelash extensions certification courses which will suit any level of expertise. The Classic Eyelash Extension Course has been designed for students new to the beauty industry with no previous lash extension training and students still enrolled in their licensing program. The Advanced Volume Eyelash Extension Course is for students who have mastered the fundamentals of individual eyelash extensions and want to learn a technique that will drastically increase their earning potential.

W H Y     B E C O M E     A      L A S H     A R T I S T ?

Being a Lash Stylist gives you job opportunities with the freedom to work from home, rent a space in a salon, work for a reputable salon or become your own boss setting your own prices and schedule!

Becoming a certified Lash Stylist with Âme Beauty Co. will help you stand out in this booming industry. Lash Extensions are the fastest growing, and most profitable service in the industry. Skyrocketing by over 500% in just one year! Extensions create a steady stream of clientele as touch-ups are required every 2-3 weeks to maintain. Women’s Wear Daily reported that while the rest of the economy is in a slump, lash sales have increased by over $44 million in the last year.

Âme Beauty Co. training is completely hands-on while incorporating a comprehensive and complex curriculum that starts with the foundation and the history of eyelash extensions, completely covers the anatomy of the eye, and provides the tools for perfect styling customization, and all-inclusive product knowledge.

  • Average cost per service: $45-$350+
  • Average clients per week: 9-25+
  • Average Weekly Income: $1,200-$4,500+
  • Average Monthly Income: $4,800-$18,0000+
  • Average Annual Income: $48,000-$200,000+

W H E N     W I L L     I      G E T     M Y     C E R T I F I C A T I O N ?

Upon the completion of the final assessment, participation in the complete one day curriculum and a full set to the Âme Beauty Co. standards the certification will be granted to each lash artist that same day!

J O I N   O U R    A W A R D   W I N N I N G    N E T W O R K

Âme Beauty Co. is known for training award winning eyelash extension stylists. Upon completion of any Âme Beauty Co. training program, students’ professional information will be provided on our website. Clients can search the site to find Âme Beauty Co. trained artists near them so they can feel confident they are going to someone who has the most in-depth training available.


A deposit of $250.00 is due upon enrollment to hold your spot for the course. The remaining balance can be paid in one or two payments. Âme Beauty Co. billing will work closely with the students to find what payment structure that will best suit the student’s budget.

A D D I T I O N A L     I N F O R M A T I O N

In order to protect our industry, Âme Beauty Co. students need to provide proof of cosmetologist or esthetician license (or currently in school to become a licensed beauty expert) prior to enrollment.

A detailed email will be sent to each student 2 weeks before the course date to provide specific details of the course schedule from angela@dulcelash.com

Courses are held in salons or conference rooms to provide a comfortable and clean working environment. Each student will work hands on at their own station and will be provided with all necessary learning materials. Times may vary but are commonly held from 10am-6pm.

Students are required to bring a model in for the last half of the training course to which the student will be supervised by the educators through the completion of a full set service.

Our focus is on teaching students how to safely and correctly apply eyelash extensions. There are no future requirements or minimum orders to keep your certification through Âme Beauty Co. Academy active.

To learn more about becoming top trained Âme Beauty Co. Certified Eyelash Extension Stylists please call 888-407-2899 or email angela@dulcelash.com.