Our Curriculum

C L A S S I C    E Y E L A S H    E X T E N S I O N     T R A I N I N G

Âme Beauty Co. Classic Eyelash Extension Course: Created for beauty industry professionals who are starting their lashing experience. This course is ideal for beginners and also a great refresher course for those who want to stay current with lashing trends and techniques.

This course covers a fully comprehensive curriculum of the history of eyelash extensions, misconceptions, natural lash growth, product knowledge, lash types, safety and sanitation, customizing each client’s look, troubleshooting, hands on training and so much more! This course will cover everything a future lash professional will need to know to have a successful career.

A Snapshot of what the Âme Beauty Co. Classic Course Trial Kit includes:

      • Mixed Length Lash Trays (3,000 Lashes per Tray)
      • Curved Stainless Steel Tweezers
      • Straight Stainless Steel Tweezers
      • BioGel Eyepad Sets
      • Premier Adhesive
      • Primer
      • Gel Remover
      • Glue Rings
      • Mascara Wands
      • Non-Woven Tape
      • Lint-Free Q-tips
      • Micro-Pore Swabs
      • Âme Beauty Co. Oil-Free Makeup Remover
      • Jade Stone
      • Adhesive Jade Stone Covers
      • Air Blower
      • Magnetic Âme Beauty Co. Storage Box

Upgrade to the Pro Kit for $200.00 which includes;

      • Additional Mixed Lash Trays (3,000 Lashes per Tray)
      • Additional Pairs Curved Stainless Steel Tweezers
      • Additional Pairs Straight Stainless Steel Tweezers
      • Additional BioGel Eyepad Sets
      • Additional Glue Rings
      • Additional Mascara Wands
      • Additional Lint-Free Q-tips
      • 5oz Âme Beauty Co. Oil –Free Makeup Remover
      • 5oz Âme Beauty Co. Foaming Cleanser
      • Nano Mister
      • Lash Bath Cleanser
      • Mini Stainless Steel Scissors
      • Cosmetic Sponges
      • Sample Client Intake Form
      • Lash Style Flyer


      • Deposit: $250.00
      • Rest Remaining: $349.00 ($548.00 with Pro Kit)
      • Total : $599.00 trial kit included ($798.00 with Pro Kit)


A D V A N C E D     V O L U M E   E Y E L A S H   E X T E N S I O N     C O U R S E

Âme Beauty Co. Advanced Volume Eyelash Extension Course: Once a Classic Eyelash Extension course has been mastered, this Advanced Volume curriculum provides the most advanced techniques and volume lash training. Lash Stylists need to come prepared and confident with their classic techniques. Taking this course will increase your service prices, demand and your overall income. Upon completion of our Advanced Volume course our students are prepared to increase their service sales by 30% and confident to schedule full time clientele.  This course covers all the in’s and out’s of the most advanced training method in the lash industry. This method is still a new and upcoming; it’s not too late to be the pioneer in your area!

Advanced Volume lashing technique creates flawless and voluminous lashes with more extensions, less weight and ultimately less glue. Clients who crave the fuller look that can’t be achieved with the classic lash application will love this technique. The lash extensions used during this procedure have smaller diameters and are applied as customized fans per each natural lash.

This is a very advanced technique which encourages lash stylist to charge more for this service while clients have better retention and can go longer in-between their follow up appointments.

A Snapshot of what the Âme Beauty Co. Advanced Volume Course Kit includes:

      • Mixed Length Lash Trays (5,000 Lashes per Tray)
      • Âme Beauty Co. Advanced Adhesive
      • Primer
      • Remover
      • Straight Stainless Steel Tweezer
      • Curved Volume Stainless Steel Tweezer
      • BioGel Eyepad Sets
      • Glue Rings
      • Double Stick Tape Roll
      • Bounce Pads
      • Tagaderm Stickers
      • Nano Mister
      • Magnetic Âme Beauty Co. Storage Box


      • Deposit: $250.00
      • Rest of the cost: $599.00
      • Total cost: $849 (kit included)