Cream Adhesive Remover


Our Cream based Adhesive remover is the most user-friendly as it is specifically designed to have a thick consistency which reduces the likelihood of running into the clients eyes. The dense cream stays in place and completely penetrates the adhesive allowing the extensions to gently slide right off the natural lash without any discomfort or damage. Our biological collagen formula reduces any stress on the natural lash and will increase its strength. -Professional Use Only

Application:  Apply an eye pad or non-woven tape to the client’s bottom lashes as you would prior to an eyelash extension treatment. Apply a small amount of cream  remover to completely coat the lashes using a gentle sweeping motion away from the base of the extensions. Once applied, allow remover to penetrate for 90 seconds. Resume the sweeping motion away from the base with the lint-free cotton swabs to pull the extensions away from the natural lash avoiding contact with the eyes. Once all extensions have been removed used tepid water and a tissue to remove the remaining remover. Instruct client to use Âme Beauty Co. Foaming Facial Cleanser to thoroughly eliminate remover from lashes and eye area.

Intended for lash extension professionals only.

Ingredients: Butyrolactone, Copolymer

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