Our eyelash reinforcing liquid primer treats the surface of the natural lash and prepares it for an optimal bond with the eyelash extension adhesive. This primer eliminates and dries out any proteins and oils without creating a brittle surface. Primer should always be used as the first step in the eyelash extension procedure to ensure the optimal pH level is achieved. Our Primer eliminates all traces of dirt, oil and makeup to create a flawless canvas for the application and promotes a longer bond.–Professional Use Only.

Application: Client should arrive with no eye-makeup or remove it by using oil-free make-up remover. To begin, using two lint-free swabs apply a small amount of primer by placing one swap underneath the extensions and the other directly on top. Lightly swipe the lashes in an upward motion until fulling coated. Allow primer to dry on the surface before applying eyelash extensions.

Intended for lash extension professionals only.

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