Lash Bath

Product Description

Âme Beauty Co. Lash Bath was specifically created to remove dirt, oils and pollutants that limit the wear of lash extensions due to the natural build up on the lashes. At Âme Beauty Co. we know how hesitant people are to wash their eye area but a big factor in the wear of the extensions relies on keeping the eyelash extensions clean and detangled. The foam pump dispenses the soft gentle cleanser as a delicate foam so there is no overuse of product to weigh down the lashes. Recommended for use by lash stylists prior to each lash extension application (before using Âme Beauty Co. Primer) to cleanse the lashes for optimal adhesion. Great for clients aftercare use.

Directions: Dispense two pumps of Lash Bath foam onto fingertips or Âme Beauty Co. Lash Cleansing Brush. Gently massage foam into lashes and over eyelids. Rinse eye area with tepid water. Dry eyes and comb lashes with mascara wand. Use the Lash Bath daily to maintain a healthy and clean eye area and lash line.

$ 15.00

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