About Âme

Âme is a beautiful French word meaning soul, spirit, or heart. We believe in putting something of ourselves into our work every day.

At Âme Beauty Co., we are committed to consistently provide unparalleled eyelash extension training and the finest eyelash extension products available today. Our professional products have been designed with ease of use, speed and reliability in mind.

Âme Beauty Co. & Academy was founded in early 2012 and from the beginning has specialized in manufacturing and formulating the highest quality products in the industry.

Our academy trained lash professionals uphold the highest standards in safety, sanitation, techniques and client satisfaction. Our application methods have been customized from all others through countless discoveries and our personal trial and error to guarantee the highest success. We are eager to share our specialized techniques and tailored products.

After almost 10 years engulfed in the culture exploring and studying, we are confident that we have mastered the art of eyelash extensions and promise to always provide the most refined and desired products.

Âme Beauty Co. Academy

Âme Beauty Co. Academy was established with the sole purpose to immerse others in passion for the lash culture and share our signature techniques to guarantee success. Âme Beauty Co. is led by industry leaders who have been pioneers in the industry, all of which who are excited to teach their unparalleled skill in lashing all eye types, lash types and desired looks.

Becoming a student at Âme Beauty Co. Academy will give you access to the most talented professionals in the industry. Our professionals will offer continued mentorship and encouragement to our students. Students will have one on one attention throughout the length of the course since our class sizes will never exceed 8 future lash professionals.

Âme Beauty Co. Academy curriculum goes well beyond the industry standards so our students feel confident leaving our program knowing that they have gained one of the most desirable skillset in the industry.

Our Founders

Meg O’Brien and Angela Bourgette-Green are Co-Founders of Âme Beauty Co. & Academy.

Meg is a fierce businesswoman who first started in the beauty industry in 2008 as a salon receptionist. She has since worked from the bottom up with her drive and passion for beauty. Meg’s first set of extensions and her training were from her now co-founder, Angela.

Angela was a pioneer in the beauty industry and one of the first to offer eyelash extension services in the U.S. Angela dreams big and knows what the industry needs and how to make it happen. Meg’s background with graphic design and fashion merchandising was a great pair with Angela’s marketing and beauty industry background. Together they grew a network of award-winning eyelash extension salons. For years they have worked with countless manufacturers in the U.S and overseas continually reformulating and innovating what was available. Once the product line and techniques were undoubtedly mastered, they moved their focus from the salons and began developing Âme Beauty Co. & Academy.

Their award-winning, Dulce Lash Lounge salons continue to be a top destination and are located in Seattle and Mercer Island, WA. Today, Âme Beauty Co. has trained hundreds of successful eyelash extension professionals and its signature products continue to be a beauty professional favorite.